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Automation Consulting

Automation Expert “On-Staff”

Vendor Selection

Project based advice & guidance aimed at realignment and turnaround efforts in changing the automation to better align with company direction.
This is designed for the company that wants guidance and validation from an Industry expert. Perfect for a company that needs to proceed at a measured pace or is in a “Sustaining Success” mode. More >>

Need help picking the correct hardware and software vendor? We maintain relationships with virtually all automation vendors and offer unbiased guidance.

Control and Dispatch Centers

Operating Models

Enterprise Automation Methodology

Control and Dispatch center planning, methodologies and workflows that will help your efforts be successful.

Operating models must be considered to make the most out of your automation strategy. This is best for a company that wants to more quickly to new efficiencies.

This is our most aggressive strategy to get your company to the end state of Enterprise-Style Automation very quickly. This is for a company that considers itself in ”Startup” mode.
Executive level mandate is usually required to implement this level of change this quickly.


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